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Everything Connected Through (K)nothing

May 2018

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A Pattern that Connects

You are connected with everything that ever was, is, or will be.

Unity is the result of diversity. Everything is stardust. Vibration formed the light that made you who you are.  Nothing is different. The difference between you and something else is found in what star your energy came from, and how it formed.  The Pattern that connects everything is a knot that cannot be broken. It forms the relationship between your body and emotions, and joins cognition and intuition, and your passed, present and pending flow through this knot.  Every choice you make reflects your values, and affects the quality of your life and relationships.  Understanding relationships is the heart of this work, the why, but transformation is found in the how.

Lynnclaire narrates this short video, remembering how she first drew this Pattern, unity arising through diversity.



The images below are identical, a static representation of a dynamic knot. The only difference is your point of view. How many symbols can you identify?

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Attitude Shifts

Behind most significant discoveries there is often a little known or untold story. For example, take the morning many years ago when the Danish physicist Niels Bohr awoke from a dream saying he saw how energy moves, and drew what most readily recognise today as the symbol for the atom.  

In 2012 when the Mereon team cymatically imaged the sounds of the human heart and brain and the Mereon Matrix appeared, the only person not surprised was Lynnclaire Dennis. This short video will help you appreciate why this was true and how this work can apply to any system. 



A Universal Frequency

Everything is vibration.

If you’ve even had the joy of dolphins deciding to swim with you, you know the magic of sonic waves! You know the feeling you get when someone has a positive ‘vibe’? Its a lot more than a way to describe your intuitive sense of someone.

Everything is made of vibrating energy, and the only thing difference between one thing and something else is how its frequency affects its form. Think about it; a rock and the chair you’re sitting on may feel like ’things’ but they’re actually energy vibrating at the quantum level.

In August 2012 we began exploring frequencies related to the mathematics using a new cymatic technology known as the CymaScope. On 02 January 2013, the ‘Priming Frequency’, less than 8 Hz, was tested, and the video below reveals how it unexpectedly spun rings, and opened as a perfect match to the computer animations of the Matrix. This field of vibrational energy is a blueprint for sustainable systems, showing we can self-order, self-organise, and then cooperate.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla 

Rethinking Sacred Geometry

The vibrating stuff that makes everything is stardust. That means if anything is sacred everything is sacred.

Most 8th grader learn that geometry is how Mother Nature makes connections. They learn about the Platonic solids, and less known Kepler forms, and why they are the building blocks of matter. In ancient traditions the Platonic solids represented the elements as indicated below. While there is no record of the Kepler solids, the final two on the right, you can see how they fit, and how we understand their function in terms of thesystem.

The images below show how all form are interconnected, every point, edge, and face based on the Sacred Proportion also known as the Golden Ratio, or Golden Mean.  Those familiar with the work of R. Buckminster Fuller know that his vision was to unite all polyhedra in a single system, something he didn’t see in his lifetime. The images below fulfils Bucky’s dream, and the direct results of how this research has led to new geometric connections in fundamental physics would most certainly have intrigued him. 

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“Nothing can create something all the time due to the laws of quantum mechanics, and it’s —it's fascinatingly interesting."

Lawrence M. Krauss

Sunday Dialogues


What’s in it for me? Why should I care?

Sunday, 25 March 2018

18.30 - 19.30 GMT +1 [Madrid/Paris/Copenhagen]

The Mereon Matrix matters is worth taking time to understand, discovering how and why it is something that matters to you. Sunday, 25 March 2018, Lynnclaire and other team members will facilitate a dialogue at 18.30 GMT +1 [Madrid/Paris/Copenhagen] to talk about: Sound, light, time & matter, and how you decide what matters in your life.  Come with an open heart and the willingness to explore perspectives as we co-create an experience that's meaningful and measurable. Participation is limited.

To register, connect  here.  Please note that by registering you understand and agree that your responses my be recorded so the session can be shared with others. Your participation will be confirmed via an email with all connecting details. If the session has reached maximum capacity, we’ll do our best to put you at the top of the list for the next!


Time is your most valuable resource, and “What” and ‘Why” are life’s most valid questions.

Universal & Younique

You, 7,500,000,000 other humans, and about 8,700,000 species call Planet Earth home. Spinning through space caught in the fast flowing river of time we have no idea where we’re going.

Knowing how we are interconnected open us to understand ourselves, our relationships, our world, and possibly, our place in the universe.  The ability to evaluate our choices in light of our connections allows us to open our hearts and shift our attitudes, using this knowledge as a tool for mindfulness as we practice the art of becoming human. 

True solutions are found in shared experiences, one-on-one interactions and dialogues. Learning to use the universal principles derived from this universal knowledge lets unique audiences build understand in a their ‘language’.  


Click here to explore experiences, apps, and workshops designed to facilitate inner and interpersonal growth.

“This Pattern may change your life. It may change the world.”   Dr. Kenneth Ring

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Radical trust inpowers my life, a healing elixir composed of meditation, the love of friends, music, and art. Mixing this rare blend every day is the reason I’ve lived thirty-one years —124 seasons and 11,390 days— since death took me on a journey that led to the encounter with the Mereon Matrix. 

Resonant Passages are short sonic experiences, each intended to help you fully find your way back into full presence when situations cause you to feel torn. Some of the series will be guided, while others are designed to simply allow you float into the silence. All are underscored by the harmonic flow generated by the Mereon Matrix. They offer a brief respite for your body, a moment to ‘inpower’ your heart, and ‘inlighten’ your attitude. Each is a short timeout, an opportunity to intentionally allow your intuition and spirit to communicate, making sure your words and actions are responsive, in alignment with your vision and values. 

Making a Resonant Passage will help clear your day, tools that can help you pave the way forward when there’s a decision to make. These are as well, simple harmonies you can use to usher your body and spirit into the dreaming.

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