Conscious Co-Operation Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in TranscenDance through Conscious Co-Operation. Responding to our invitation is to be considered as a ReMember of the Mereon Applied Social Science Team. The intent in this call is to come together to ignite our inner light in ways that let us multiply the power of positive change in multiple corners of the world and from there expand it globally.

Please take the time and space you need to respond to the questionnaire below. Please realise that what you share sets the first ‘stone’ in the path towards true realationships. What you share help us get a sense of your essence. Who we are, and our mission and mandate are ‘out there’, and understanding where you’ve been, where you feel you are in the present moment, and how you’d like to play and grow forward is what this page is all about.

We look forward to hearing from you and speaking soon to explore further!

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Take as much space as you need to share how you are realising your vision and the values your work wraps around.
List your top 8 core values
My greatest personal challenges are due to: *
Please check statements you feel are true more often than not.
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