Values As First Things First

Our vision is a message of BeLonging. Conscious Co-Operation is how we envision engaging with those who are called to serve, working and playing together to build you vision on the solid scientific foundation we’ve spent three-decades establishing. Our experience validates how this template lets you grow deep and go as far as the diversity of competences found in those you choose to build with. TranscenDance is an opportunity to realise how nothing is different, and to learn to celebrate and honour differences growing true transcultural connections.

The document on the next page is a draft ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ we share to make our commitment clear. Answering what for many are today’s existential questions ‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘Why should I care?’, it reflects the principle, of transparency and the values that what is co-produced must generate quality-of-life compensation for all who work to make it possible. Only then can benefits be realised as love expands in their relationships, family, community and beyond.