Memorandum of Understanding

Personal, Local and Global TranscenDance

TranscenDance is available to those who want to learn to live this knowledge, and to those who want to be part of the team.

Registration to personally participate in this 3 weeks life changing experience, including accommodation and self-catered meals, is €4,444.00.

Social Architects

Do you have 99 people in your local sphere of influence, clients, patients, or individuals you work with who trust your wisdom and come to you for guidance? Would these people answer your invitation to participate in a weekend event where they experience a taste of the feast you experienced over 21-days?

Organising one local TranscenDance event with 33 people covers the cost of your participating in the Global TranscenDance in Spain.

Conscious Co-Operation Agreement (Draft)

This page presents a draft document of an agreement to be formalised between the Mereon Legacy CIC (TMLCIC), and ______________, a ’Co-Facilitator’ (CF) and registered participant in The Global TranscenDance scheduled for Day/Month/Year in City/County/State/Country. This agreement does not assign any transfer of any TMLCIC intellectual property to the CF who desires to become a Social Science Principle Investigator via the Facilitator Certification Accreditation programme. The only purpose of this page is to memorialise all informal agreements to work together towards Consciously Co-Operation.

This MOU allows:

  1. TMLCIC to agree to a binding date for a “Local TranscenDance’ event in CF’s region

  2. TMLCIC’s intent in this agreement is to help CF pay for their first training experience; and

  3. Let CF generate necessary funds to make and pay TMLCIC air travel expenses

CF Agrees:

  1. To attend the Global TranscenDance;

  2. To organise at least 3, 2-Day Local TranscenDance experiences in 2019;

  3. To register a minimum of 33 paid participants with an event fee of €333 p.p.

CF’s whose audience is individuals or groups working on personal growth and development, TMLCIC recommends the first course be ‘Discovering Your Youniverse’. This fee is intentionally low to make the experience easily accessible to the audience we intend to reach.

TMLCIC Agrees:

  1. To send a team member to the CF’s community for seven (7) agreed upon days

  2. Invest 2-days (12 hours) training CF 1-on-1

  3. Co-facilitate one 2-day event for minimum of 33 people

  4. For every 3 paid participants over 33, 2 half-fee scholarships are available based on fiscal need or fair energy exchange

  5. One free, 2-hour evening presentation is offered; and

  6. To invest 5-hours meeting with CF’s centres of influence

Wellth that includes & transcends Wealth

Phase I of Conscious Co-Operation, a real-time, 21-day experience is: € 3,333.00

This includes shared accommodation, double-occupancy, self-catered meals, and tuition.

Do the math and it becomes clear that successfully fulfilling only 1-of-3 event requirements in the Agreement to Consciously Co-Operate, generates income to cover your first training experience and three additional sessions.