InTurnship Through Realationship

InTurnship Through Realationship


Benefits of participating in InTurnship

  • Helps teens end painful processes
  • Ongrowing experiences of true progress 
  • Expanding unity through their diversity 
  • Open understanding that leads to acceptance
  • Let’s them end competitive tug-o-wars 
  • Finding that what’s meaningful is measurable 

Using scientific principles of agreement

  • InTurns self-organise into teams
  • Explore personal and interpersonal connections
  • Consider local and global issues
  • Identify a project all find meaningful 
  • Articulate their shared vision and shared values
  • Work together to make a positive and measurable difference  
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InTurnship I is planned for June 2018; coaching and mentoring continues over the summer, and InTurnship II is scheduled for October when students return from summer recess.