There are no heroes on the path of remembrance, only Children who walk with an open and childlike heart, overflowing with curiosity that propels the spirit.

For the first half of my life fear was overwhelming, feeling like a never-ending trial by fire. As time wore, the winds of change scattered the ashes of the woman I thought I was, and hope faded with faith that a Phoenix moment would arrive. Paradoxically,  I was simultaneously exhausted from emotionally dog paddling, certain that one day I’d drown in the ocean of tears I’d cried in silence, and for decades my daily prayer was “Give me this day my daily delusion.”

Then came the day when the Arcing Angles of Death took my by the hand and danced me into the Dance of Remembrance. In discovering that we are born and reborn again and again and again in the union of fire and water, I made my way to the Fountain of You.