Your experience is designed to work over 12 sessions - preferably daily, but not required! In an effort to make it simple for you to track your account, please make sure you re-access REQUEST through this site: 

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REQUEST will take .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, or .png image files up to 20MB size, although any less than 5MB should be sufficient. Please make sure the images are 300 DPI, as you will want high-res images for your final Love Knot printout at the end of Day 12. NOTE: The image editor in your image gallery is still being put into place, so all editing will be done at the end of the 12-days, rather than each day. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for testing.


If you find either a bug please go to the CONTROL PANEL link at the top right of your REQUEST screen. There is a form you can fill out in the TECHNICAL section. Please ignore the other questions until the end of Day 12. Please tell us the day you are on by looking at YOUR RESPONSES in the CONTROL PANEL and give us time to respond to your queries, as this is being done by a real person, not a bot.


    •    We have tested with Safari, and found it to be buggy, so please don’t use it!

    •    There is also an issue with laptop and tablet screens where text runs into the header. Please know it’s being worked on!

A SEND REPORT and a running list of bug reports, upcoming features and status reports will be here on the main site:   

Thank you again for helping us make a more robust and user-friendly tool, and we hope you have a wonderful experience in the process!


This experience is intended to be a 12-day event in your life, a time of self-observation. One of the important temporal restrictions we will be putting in place is a calendar lock. Alas, it is not there yet. Please honour yourself and our intent, and do not do more than one session per day. 🙏🏻 It will be worth the wait.

Best wishes,

Diahann for the team

A Personal Welcome  

lynnclaire's knot final.jpg

I’m so grateful for your offering of time, choosing to be a whole part of the REQUEST Beta, first to use this technology* of mindfulness as a tool for transformation. Your journey over the next 12 days is being guided by the frequencies and dynamic logic of the Mereon Matrix, a divine architecture that we are employing in the art of becoming human. The highest purpose of this innerpersonal adventure is to help you find and plant new seeds of understanding as you learn to naturally flow and grow in harmony with all that Is. 

While you are free to take as long as you like, we planned each session as —approximately— a 17-minute experience that begins with: a universal intent; a visual opening to set the field of intention as you breathe into the moment; an ‘Ask’, a ‘thought experiment’, you will respond to when you return; a ’Task’, where you identify, capture, and upload images or words; an 11-minute sonic meditation experience using the Mereon frequencies; an affirmation; and a closing thought.

Your images and words are used to pave Your Love Knot, reflections that serve to remind you of your personal ‘why’, your reason for living, fusing your vision and values with Love’s ‘how’.  REQUEST is learning how to make life affirming decisions, conscious choices that echo grace, helping you live from authenticity so you are free to participate in realationships.

*Technology: the art of weaving; in this instance, to weave a knot of inner-connections, ‘inabling’ you to co-create strong realationships.

We trust your REQUEST experience will be a celebration of ‘High Play’, as you remember that every Beta is a cosmic dare! Remember that life is a balancing act, a progression of perfecting. REQUEST is an opportunity to remember that ‘Perfect’ is the presence of the Love Knot within every cell of your being, and that ’perfect’ is not something you need to waste a moment of your precious lifetime attempting to do or be!

We’re hard at work on the technological challenges that come with any software, especially paving your younique Love Knot. While we’re hopeful that we can accomplish it in the next 13 days, the intent to deliver your Love Knot as our gift —a high resolution image you can print— may be a short experience in 🙏🏻 , patience.

As you surrender to the flow, relax knowing that we honour and respect your place in the universe. Your space is safe, and every experience is private, password protected in your archive.

Embrace yourself and allow these experiences to envelop your body, heart, brain and spirit, emerging from each rapt in Love’s awe.