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The Mereon Matrix

Everything Connected through (K)nothing

The Mereon Matrix, a complex dynamic geometric system, is the simplest form of connection. The Pattern, above, is generated by the energetic interaction between its context and core, a language that weaves a previously unknown, spherical expression of the Trefoil Knot.

Eleven First Principles, universal rules, offer a new perspective on whole and sustainable systems. This website presents why and how it is an effective template for modelling all kinds of systems. It shows how energy —information, people or resources— enters, transits and exists a system, either fulfilling its purpose, producing products for its benefit and for others, or not.

New understanding has been uncovered in multiple domains. Investigations explore the relationship between sound and light; ancient wisdom and modern science, including: astrobiology; pre-life evolution; human molecular genetics; and social applications. 

Comprehending that unity is the consequence of a richly textured diversity holds the power of transformation.

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Hearing the Inaudible. Seeing the Invisible. 

“Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: “Ye must have faith.”’ Max Planck  
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The single concept, a Pattern, has been under scientific investigation since 1995. At the centre of the transdisciplinary, transcultural research resides one word: perspective.  Decades of work has been sustained by the scientific principles of doubt and knowledge, letting the Mereon Matrix speak for itself. Through multiple challenges, every prediction has supported and confirmed the theory. 

Behind most significant discoveries there is often a little known story. One example is how the Danish physicist Niels Bohr awoke from a dream saying he saw how energy moves. What he drew is readily recognised as the symbol for the atom, an ideogram we’ve come to fear.

Meaning is only realised through experience. We invite you to take a moment and explore the links below to see how this science implicity in the Pattern is being applied to social systems!

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A Universal Frequency

On August 15, principle investigators from the USA and Denmark travelled to London to meet John Stuart Reid and conduct the first experiments using the CymaScope. When the trial actually produced three, non-logical but predicted outcomes, a second meeting was scheduled. The story continues in the video here.

Everything is vibration.

The feeling you get when you feel someone or a place has a positive ‘vibe’ is more than intuition.

Everything is vibrating energy. The only difference between one thing and something else is how its frequency defined its form. Think about it; a rock and the chair you’re sitting on may feel like ’things’ but they’re actually energy vibrating at the quantum level.

In 2012, the decades long investigation into the Mereon Matrix converged with sonic technology, and it was finally possible to scientifically experiment to disprove the theory that a specific frequency defined by the mathematics, less than 8 Hz,  would actually produce the matrix, a universal, stable, harmonic and dynamic pattern.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla


A Pattern of patterns

Understanding is an experience, and when it leads to the realisation that you are whole, it becomes clear that you’re interconnected with everything that ever was, is, or will be. This short video shows how this Pattern of patterns was first drawn, multiple pieces coming together to reveal what you think you perceive is not always what it is.

Acceptance arises when you realise that unity occurs through diversity.

Everything is stardust. Nothing is different. The only difference between you and anything else is 1) due to what star your energy came from, and 2) the distinction in the vibration that formed it.  The Pattern is a sonic connection, the simplest knot that connects everything. It forms the relationship between your body and emotions; joins them with cognition and intuition; and links your passed and present with all that’s yet to be.  Others will attempt to twist, bend and manipulate your inner connection, but they cannot break it. 

Every choice you make reflects the depth of your inner connection. It echoes your values, and affects the quality of your life and relationships. Understanding relationships is the heart of this work, the why.

However, transformation resides in your willingness to learn how to change. It means learning to respond, accepting your responsability and acting to the best of your ability. This is what our 'high play' workshops are all about!


Below are six perspectives of the Pattern.  Each is a static representation of this dynamic knot. Differences are due to your point of view. Look carefully. How many symbols you can identify? Begin with the original perspective, on the far left, and see how many hearts you can find.

Freedom from fear is found in learning to cultivate a continuum of perspective.  Life is dynamic and being willing the change your point of view prevents the arrogant need to judge others as right or wrong. In the presence of freedom unity is emergent, evidence of diversity that is deep, broad, high, and beautiful.

Rethinking Sacred Geometry

Everything is composed of stardust. This means if anything is sacred everything is sacred.

The Mereon Matrix unites all polyhedra. It does so three times: once in the context, shown in red; again in the core, invisible in these images; and finally, in the Mereon Trefoil knot, the connection between the core and context.

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Mother Nature’s building blocks are the fundamental forms that shape all matter. In ancient traditions and wisdom schools, the five Platonic solids were used to represent the elements as indicated above. In the Mereon system all forms, every point, edge, and face, are based on the Golden Ratio.  R. Buckminster Fuller’s vision was to unite all polyhedra in a single system, something he didn’t see in his lifetime. This work fulfils Bucky’s dream and direct results of this research have led to new geometric connections in fundamental physics that most certainly would have intrigued him. 

“Nothing can create something all the time due to the laws of quantum mechanics, and it’s —it's fascinatingly interesting."

Lawrence M. Krauss

Universal & Younique

"This Pattern may change your life. It may change the world.”   Dr. Kenneth Ring

You, 7,500,000,000 other humans, and about 8,700,000 species call Planet Earth home. Spinning through space caught in the fast flowing river of time we have no idea where we’re going. 

Contemplating how the Mereon Matrix may be a universal knowledge lets us cultivate understanding by finding the unity that is defined by our differences.  

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NATURAL 111111

Perhaps you’ve heard it said you’re a spiritual being having a physical experience, a life. My ReQuest is a journey to comprehend the connection between your body and spirit. But there is far more to it than that. It's an experience in understanding how your local reality connects with the global reality; it’s feeling the relationship your emotional realities have with time; and understanding how your brain thinks and your intuition does ‘braille’. 

My ReQuest is an adventure that follows the energetic connection known to link you with the heart of creation and all that is and ever will be. It takes you on the road less travelled, flowing on the energetic path that connects you both inside and out. 

“Everything Connected Through Knothing” makes it clear that ReQuest is Mereon 111111, not ‘Self-help 101’. It is a rite of passage that shows you how to flow and grow in harmony using Mother Nature’s natural growth process. It offers you a safe, simple and beautiful tool to discover how you can become all you’re meant to be. Your experience helps your transcends normal as you determine what is meaningful and begin to make measurable progress by feeling, thinking and doing. Invoking all your senses, you do more than skim the surface of your life— you learn to swim then snorkel in your inner universe, preparing you to dive deep. 

Co-Creating A Living Legacy

 A true peak experience begins inside leads you outward into realationship.

A true peak experience begins inside leads you outward into realationship.

Universal . Younique . Realational. Transcultural  

It is time to pass the Mereon Legacy on.

“Everything Connected Through (K)nothing”, World Scientific, 2018, details the complex simplicity of connection. 

Knowledge about how living organisms form, are informed and transform offers a radical new approach to building and growing living systems, individuals, and life-like systems, relationships, families, communities, and businesses. Our team is intercultural and transdisciplinary, and we are evidence why diversity is essential to unity. Only through understanding does acceptance replace tolerance and members of local neighbourhoods realise they are a whole part of a global village. 

Our relationship demonstrates how discrete expertise and competencies foster the trust essential to seeding and growing a values-driven vision. The Mereon Legacy is a nonprofit organisation where new ideas and people are welcomed, considered and grounded; where communication is kept clear so connections remain stable. For 30 years the promises we’ve made have been promises kept, and ‘inpowered’, ’inlightened’ and free we have effectively cooperated to achieve our shared mission.

Conscious, Competent Co-Operation

Too many suffer and die attempting to boogie board a tsunami of change. 

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M3 is a Mereon Solution for seasoned coaches, organisational consultants, therapists, physicians, trainers, and HR professionals who know learning is lifelong. You’ve invested your life honing skills, building your competences, developing skills and gathering instruments to help your clients or patients survive the tidal wave of change, information, and technology. With your personality and life story offering an endless stream of resources that make you uniquely relatable to your audience, the last thing most of you need or want is another tool or instrument.

M3 is universal. Like DNA, the ToolBox is designed to carry your informational tools, instruments and experiences you can use to open awareness.  It allows you to call forth what’s unique in every individual, helping them learn to: build self-understanding; improve efficiency and efficacy; minimise compromise; optimise resources; communicate clearly; make practical decisions; and open the resource pipeline in a way that transformation begins to flow. Through understanding themselves, those you serve discover how freedom, ‘inlightenment’ and ‘inpowerment’ are emergent, coming from within. Self-awareness frees them to reframe their role in every relationship, and in recognising painful repeating processes, they are able to decided to end them. When negative processes end, true progress begins, and healthy relationships are more than sustainable, they produce exponential benefits for.

Challenging times require simple solutions. M3 lets you multiply your effectiveness and increase the flow. If your passion is helping others grow, we’d love to share how using M3 let’s you deliver your message in a way that’s personally meaningful, and produces results that are mutually measurable. If you’re called to be part of passing this Legacy on, contact us to learn more about becoming a certified facilitator or trainer of trainers. EU Trainees who fulfil all requirements of the 90-Day, M3 Certification recoup their investment and expenses. 

Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn, and they must remember that every student is their teacher.