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€333 + VAT Full pension & Double Occupancy

Are you ready to understand and experience your connection with everything?

If you know how to live from wholeness rather than fragmentation what is your potential?

What do you imagine possible if you were able to hear and harmonise with the Music of the Universe?

What if this SynchroSymphony had the power to help mend a broken heart and heal a wounded brain?

You, your neighbour, and a stranger; a frog and the pond scum it swims in; a flawless diamond and a dirt encrusted rock are all made of the same stuff. Stardust. What makes everything unique is the specific vibration that informs its form. Difference does not mean different.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”   —Nikola Tesla

Everything is vibration. The only difference between one thing and something else is how its frequency defined its form.

Discovering Your Youniverse is the experience of a lifetime, making time to hear the Universal Music that connects you with everything. An opportunity to experience inner peace, this is a chance to learn how to heal the stressed seams of your body, heart and spirit. It’s riding the Love Knot without dizziness, hearing and feeling harmony arise as you learn, unlearn and relearn. Imagine synchronising with the Divine and others as you rediscover the Flow and Dance in the Field of Consciousness.

With Lalita as our High PlayGround, time will be spent in Stillness, followed by meaningful dialogues. Walking this land you will feel Gaia breathing and hear her whisper.

Join us to remember, renew and co-create natural realationships from inside out.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Twenty-years ago Philip Camus and Nadia Buchniv arrived in the far west of central Spain, where drawn by the pure and fertile landscape they planted the seeds of their dream, Lalita. The name lives up to its meaning, called after the Hindu Mother Goddess who joyfully and lovingly plays with her children. It’s the perfect place for a ReUnion of Science and Spirit given that more than a decade ago the scientific community agreed to reference this universal matrix with the pronoun ‘Her’ because the sound connects everything, and we are able to observe as this fundamental vibration breathes and births in water.

Are you a social architect? Do you long to consciously co-operate with others, open-hearted and open-minded individuals and groups? It’s time to make our work high play, and learning to naturally facilitate transformation, catalysing positive change that has the strength and power to endure, prepares us for TranscenDance

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