Thank you for your interest in FundaMentoring, a Mereon Solution intended to help you turn your inner light and multiply the power of positive change in your corner of the world knowing it will radiate outward. Please take as much time and space as you need to respond to the questionnaire below. FundaMentoring is building a relationship and requires significant time and energy and we want to make sure that this time is optimised. Sharing sufficient details, helps us get a sense of your essence, where you've been, who you are today and how you would like to see yourself grow in terms of your Purpose. We look forward to speaking with you and exploring the details!

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Fees: 18-hours via web conferencing or in-person in Marbella, Spain: £3222.00

          1-week, 26-hour intensive on-site in Europe or North America: £5999.00

All fees must be paid in advance by wiretransfer prior to the first session.