Younique Passion. Universal Principles.

Results are meaningful and measurable when progress transcends painful process.


You know why you want what you want better than anyone else. While life will deliver situations and conditions beyond anyone's control, more than likely you can achieve what you want to do, even though you can’t do it all.  

Everyone needs a helping hand.  FundaMentoring is a universal approach to relationship mentoring, and is based on how a natural system actually works. By willingly adopting natural habits it lets you expand yourself and your dream beyond the many false social norms. By embracing authenticity, it is a way to open and break free of the rigid rule of conformity, finding, flowing and growing your purpose.

A Mereon trained mentor recognises your uniqueness, respects your passion, understands your purpose, and is willing to earn your respect. They realise passion is like playing with fire, and having been burned, they can help you avoid burnout. They’ll help you identify the complexities that need to be grounded simply and quickly, and point you to others who can help make your message understood and attractive. Knowing how hard it is to stabilise a vision, they will show you how connect the dots so you can see the big picture. The know the power of instinct and intuition inherent in a dream, and can help illumine the blind spots as you balance real risks against potential rewards. They also know how time evolves everything and can help you navigate the waves of change, directing you to high ground when a storm threatens to become a tsunami. And when your vision is coherent, and you’re ready to present it to the world, they will celebrate who you are and what you’ve achieved. 

If you’re ready to reach for your goal and learn how to grow with the flow, connect with us learn more about this 18-hour experience whether it's local or long distance. Let's arrange a time to talk about how we might work together.

If you’re a coach, therapist, or counsellor and are interested in training to become a Mereon mentor, using the Mereon Solutions tools and technologies to make a positive difference in the live those you serve, we’d love to hear from you.