Are you feeling stressed out? Depressed or disconnected? Are you bored or lonely?  Would you like to find the cure for burnout?

“To describe this course in two words? Life-changing and sublime.” —J. Rossi, California

“I found the end of burnout.” —L. Pesce, Italy

”… the experience’s tone, the sharing, ah-ha moments, and new understanding about how life works... growth... the growth of others, and bonding and both of myself and as a member of the group... Wow.”    —D. K. Hill, Michigan

This adventure takes you inside to discover why…

  • Pain and suffering don’t mean you are terminally unique. 
  • Courage lets you hear and see what wants to emerge…
  • The reward of being who you are is incalculable…and
  • It is well worth trusting yourself one more time!

ReNewal, a Taste of Insight, is summer series, experiences limited to 14 participants.  If you are celebrating the Costa del Sol, and are ready to turn your stardust into the sunshine, join us!  

    Every breath is a new beginning!

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