InTurnship Through Realationship

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Supporting the next generation of leaders as they stand up and speak up!  

Young people standing on the razor’s edge of adulthood need to know we’re here to help them to get ready to stand up & speak up for the future! 

To the young people facing the Future…

We believe in you.

InTurnship is an opportunity for self-discovery, learning how to make healthy decisions while co-creating a project that is meaningful and produces measurable results. It’s about building strong interpersonal realationships while dealing with the tangible and emotional challenges this project requires. Exercising your brain to cultivate perspective you will experience why understanding Is essential to critical thinking, mindful consideration and timing.

InTurnship is a real-time, nose-to-nose, heart-to-heart, and toe-to-toe experience. We promise it will be fun not just mental stuff. Discovering that education is lifelong you'll understand why progress is the result of learning, unlearning and relearning. It’s learning to be responsible —not perfect— as you begin to plot and walk your educational path, coming to a genuine understanding of what it really means to lead. 

An 'inpowering' rite of passage, InTurnship is learning to harness your power while identifying the life-affirming role that realationships play in your life.  This programme fosters the courage necessary to trail blaze your path into maturity while developing the skills that are necessary to lead humanity into the future.

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  • A Finalist for the 2007 Copenhagen Index Award, nominated as a project benefiting an entire community
  • 2017 Inspiring Educational Leadership Award, St. John’s College, Cambridge University

“This is exactly the kind of 21st-century educational approach that we should be implementing to prepare the next generation for the challenges that they will face. I had the chance to discuss this model with several of my NASA colleagues and they all immediately saw the potential that such a program could have in addressing the severe educational challenges that we face today. I look forward to learning more about the program and I stand ready to assist in any way that I can.” Dr. Bruce Pittman, Engineer, NASA, Mt. View, California, USA

“The power of self-knowledge allows students —adults of any age— to self-inform and reform, authenticity quickly reflected in positive changes in attitudes and behaviours. Learning to make connections and pave their life path, evaluating a possibility’s potential leads to true progress. Engaging with their ‘inner selves’ as individuals in a group dynamic, opens the importance of healthy interactions, dialogue evolving a true sense of community where everyone matters and everyone counts.”  Neville J. Woolf, NASA/LAPLACE, Tucson, AZ, USA

“This project is a living curriculum. The classroom or course becomes its own living organism, populated with interdependent pieces rather than independent units that view the world as “I” versus “them”. Francine Gordon, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA

“The project I observed for 3 days in Mirano, Italy is rare; it is a natural program that is innately infused with values and unifying principles that embody true learning. To say that I “saw” these principles in action is insufficient. Like all truly healthy models of human connection and empathetic learning with joy, it is more accurate to say that the whole truth was revealed through what the teachers and kids and I all felt and experienced with all of our senses.” June Gorman, UNESCO, Benalmedena, Spain

“Self-awareness and meaningful social relationships are the foundation of a meaningful academic experience. Discovering that progress in life is the result of lifelong learning, unlearning and relearning, natural is an emergent experience. When a student learns to consciously evaluate possibilities, they get a true sense of their potential. This is the beginning of transformation, when they begin to transcend the pain of ‘normal’ adolescent processes. INTURNSHIP is an opportunity to form new relationships and give them time to develop, grow and evolve. The value of students discovering their self-worth is well worth the small investment, for its return is guaranteed as they willingly step forward with authenticity to lead humanity into the future.” Lynnclaire Dennis