InTurnship Through Realationship

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It’s time to support the next generation of leaders as they stand up and speak up!  

Young people standing on the razor’s edge of adulthood need to know we’re here to help them to get ready to stand up & speak up for the future! 

InTurnship is an opportunity for self-discovery, learning how to make healthy decisions while building strong interpersonal realationships. Physical and emotional challenges let you exercise your brain, realising why critical thinking, mindful consideration and timing are critical to navigating the tidal wave of change you face. 

This is a real-time, nose-to-nose, heart-to-heart, and toe-to-toe experience. It’s discovering that education is lifelong. It’s understanding why progress is the result of learning, unlearning and relearning. It’s learning to be responsible as you begin to plot and walk your educational path, coming to a genuine understanding of what it really means to lead. 

An inpowering rite of passage, InTurnship is learning to harness your power while identifying the life-affirming role that realationships play in you life.  This programme fosters the courage necessary to trail blaze your path into maturity, while developing the skills that are necessary to lead humanity into the future.

We look forward to hosting a dialogue with you, members of the community, parents and educators in the Marbella area in the upcoming weeks.  Contact us to be notified of this event!

The course dates are being organised and will be announced soon!

Course Fee: Workshop & Mentoring; 979 Euro + 20% V.A.T.  

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