Discovering Your Youniverse

Six Steps Towards Self-Understanding  

You live in the continuous flow of time, and change is evidence of growth and transformation! 

Discovering Your Youniverse (DYY) is an opportunity to explore what it means to be naturally extraordinary. It’s taking time to cultivate perspective while you discover what’s working in your life, and why. DYY is an opportunity to take a time out to go inside for yourself. It’s an experience that grounds meaning in logic so you can experience measurable results. Authenticity is called forth as time is invested in deepening self-knowledge, and growing an appreciation of your unique interconnection with everything that ever was, is, or will be. 


DYY is learning to recognise and pay attention to the six whole parts of you, the pieces of self who make you all you are. Facilitators offer powerful tools so you can pave your life path, while using universal principles that enable you to consciously explore possibilities to evaluate their potential. You learn to use and fuse your physical and emotional intelligences; you discover why lightening up —and laughter— is critical to cultivating perspective; you increase your IntuitionQuotient by understanding the link between your instinct and time so your spirit can fly.

Discover Your Youniverse is finding… 

…why fear, pain and suffering doesn’t make you terminally unique. 

…the courage to hear and see what wants to emerge…

…the willingness to realise that life’s rewards are incalculable…

…you have the ability to trust yourself one more time.

Then, from the deep space of of inner knowing you can free yourself to…

… invite another to bond without binding

… to remember that perfect is what you are, not something you or anyone else can do…

… be gently held without needing to grasp, and

… to hold without hesitation or needing to hold back.

Life’s opportunities and challenges live side-by-side in a simple but complex truth; the longing to be  understood and accepted and to return compassion in kind is fulfilled through truthfully acknowledging all of the pieces of ourselves.  Discovering Your Youniverse is about you finding your path. It’s realising that you have what it takes to stand up, step up, turn the key, open the door, and step over the threshold finding paradise in paradox

DYY is learning to live your life, where love is meaningful and measurable!  

“To describe this course in two words? Life-changing and sublime.” —J. Rossi, California
“I found the end of burnout.” —L. Pesce, Italy
”I appreciated the experience’s tone, the sharing, ah-ha moments, and new understanding about how life works; the self-analysis; my growth, the growth of others, and bonding and broth of myself and as a member of the group.”    —D. K. Hill, Michigan