Marbella: Meditation & Quality of Life

In Marbella & longing to connect?  


Life is living in the complexity of real time. Staying connected —inside and out— is essential to health and wellbeing. Communication is the inner-energetic interaction that lets you learn the language of Love.  We live in a time that’s jam-packed with commitments, man-made laws, rules, and regulations that can tie us in knots. Loving relationships are rare as our bodies, hearts and brains are too often locked into habits that prevent self-observation, deep feelings and the critical thinking that is critical to experiencing true relationships.   

You are the temple its is possible to learn to make choices that bond you internally and externally, allowing you to fulfill your purpose, producing benefits for self that expand and benefit others. Unity is the consequence of your richly textured diversity. You have the power to transform your life. To discover how to increase the quality of your life, and learn why transforming your life in the context of relationships is the ultimate inside job, join us. Participating will lead to an understanding why...

  • Pain and suffering don’t mean you are terminally unique...

  • Courage lets you hear and see what wants to emerge…

  • The reward of being who you are is incalculable…and

  • It is well worth trusting yourself one more time!

This meditation group is a 4-week, 2-hour experience in Marbella, Spain that takes place on Friday evenings. Beginning and ending with intentional meditation, connection is established through dialogue with an intentonal focus.    

Every breath is a new beginning!


“To describe this experience in two words? Life-changing and sublime.” —J. Rossi, California

“I found the end of burnout.” —L. Pesce, Italy

”… the experience’s tone, the sharing, ah-ha moments, and new understanding about how life works... growth... the growth of others, and bonding and both of myself and as a member of the group... Wow.”    —D. K. Hill, Michigan