MASTERPEACE: Writing to ReRight Your Masterpiece, Your Life




MASTERPEACE: an experience, a journey, and a 111-page book.

The word technology means 'to weave', and by this definition, MASTERPEACE is a technology of understanding that is borne in the fusion of mathematics and science, harmony and art.

MASTERPEACE is a book where you reAUTHORize what’s true for you knowing that your truth will be affirmed or challenged in your relationships.

MASTERPEACE begins with an online re-righting course, a quest where users/readers/authors look within themselves to find their answers to some of life's biggest questions, queries about life in general, and their life in particular. It's an experience of discovering how to re-right, rebalance, and revision their lives without having to lie or otherwise revise their life story up to this point. It's the beginning of understanding, accepting and loving themselves, realizing this is the only way to pave a path to inner peace, that is essential to be loved, loving and building meaningful relationships that foster a true quality of life.