Wisdom, Compassion, Justice

Feeling allowed. Thinking aloud.

For the last three months I’ve spent considerable time with my 91-year old Danish Mother of the Heart as she continues the journey towards her ‘Next’. Sitting beside her, sometimes talking but more often in silence, holding her hand or stroking her beautiful white hair reminds me that maturing is a gift not everyone is given. Mom definitely received the Gift and helping her unwrap every breath is mine.

Touching death three times deepened the courage it takes to live wholly and fully. But for me living from authenticity is the far greater challenge. “Self-forming” is infinitely more joyous than conforming, the latter the high price of acceptance, limboing under the low bar of others presumptions, or pole vaulting over others demands. Every day my quest is to rediscover the heart of wisdom. It means celebrating the moment and also daring to ask and answer the hard questions life throws at me. Knowing that Time changes everything —whether I like it or not— means living an answer that’s no longer true is living a lie. It has also led to learning that sharing my personal answer is a waste of time and energy unless someone specifically asks.


Authenticity means knowing what works for me at any given moment without suffering from the delusion that what works for me will work for anyone else. Where and how I live, when and what I eat, why I feel what I feel, how I learn, determine my priorities and use my time is very different from Jytte, my very best friend. The truth is simple; despite our personal, cultural, and academic differences, how what works for us is identical, this unity is the heart and soul of the Purpose we share!

That’s why this work is not about the Mereon Matrix per se. It’s about sharing the sequential questions based on its natural and logical process. It’s feeling the harmony that flows when deciding whether or not to harness a possibility! Being able to determine to a high probability if the potential in a choice is realisable is a game changer. This simple universal logic gives rise to personal meaning and lets us extend it in a coherent way as we build healthy relationships.

What would you give to be free, embodying the Source while living a life where passion, compassion and justice flow from loving wisdom?