Sunday Thoughts: Stillness, Silence, Words and Wisdom

Truth illumines the Path, not any person.


It takes courage to make a conscious entrance into the Unknown.

It takes more than bravery to turn on the light and intentionally illuminate the dark corners of the soul.  

It's a herculean task to clear the body of grime laid down by greed.

It's a labour of self-love to clean the heart of the false valuing that has contaminated wellbeing.

It's a battle to clear mental cobwebs, discovering they aren’t gossamer but steel threads that trap false beliefs and prevent true connections.

It's a formidable task to stop the mundane from stirring up excuses that cause promises to be broken.

When death and dying cause temporal tremors, it's not easy to stay present or remember that the eternal Song recycles and rebirths its Light.

Breathing is the only way to thrive when it’s clear life is lived among the barely living.

The spirit must grow wings of wisdom to emerge whole from the Stillness.

To fly means finding and riding the currents of love that weave the connection between heaven and earth, divine and human.

Freedom flows through the silence, its light moving between one heart and another.

Understanding is the fountainhead of an open mind, attitudes that softly and surely shift and lift.

Acceptance spirals Love’s ‘precedance’, compassion the highest priority.

Time transforms the formation of words so understanding, the true reward, is not placed at risk.

The Source of all that is good and correct leads to noble words and actions, rites not rights,  rituals for all not only for a privileged few.

Standing upright on the path, the journey through the Unknown is made with elegant grace.

The light carried illumines the immediate, while the Light illumines The Path.

Facing the Unknown, the halo, silhouette of one flowing with the Light remains unseen.

Integrity is invisible to those blinded by a headlong run into the Light.

The Flow surges through inner knowing and is affirmed as understanding braids the complex diversity.

When the transcendent is heard, the Truth is revealed, everything, self and other, One.

Self-awareness strengthens the body, heart, brain, intuition, presence in the present moment and spirit, and manifests as awareness and compassion for others.

Mastering exceeds the ego's delusion, the illusion of being a master.

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