Values, Worthiness & Worth


I’ve recently come to a profound realisation, discovering a significant omission in how I think about choices.


I’ve long embraced the logic and the feeling that the decisions we make, take or abdicate are what determine the quality of our lives. However, there is another factor we seldom think about. It’s that others, strangers and those we know and care and even those we love, can make hideous choices that do more than erode the quality of our lives. They can decide to make a choice that ends our life and in the process destroys theirs.

Remember how fragile life is. Remember your next breath is a promissory note, not a promise. Embrace the morning and seek out the sunrise, appreciating a new day for the opportunity it is to treasure the priceless gift of every breath. Choose life. Choose the freedom you have to express compassion from conscious awareness. Choose the power of Love.