Truth and Power

For weeks people have been using the phrase, ‘Speaking truth to power’  as a preface to stating a strong belief.  I realise they feel there is a perceived risk, one they are willing to take it to make themselves heard hoping to achieve some reward.  Hearing this raises a red flag, and has led to the following questions;


How often are arguments, struggles, squabbles, battles, fights, conflict, or war the consequence of narcissistic greed slamming into a dire need? 

Are our fists, closed hearts, and locked attitudes serving us, or ensuring our demise?

What would change if we opened our hands, closed our mouths and stopped reacting?

What might emerge from a long moment of silence?

How would we feel if we made time to breathe and look inside ourselves before judging others?  

Might we open and see a new perspective? 

How often when we think someone is disagreeing with us, do we go into a reaction?

What might happen if we listened, actually heard what they were saying, and responded from a mutual truth?

What if we consciously sought a new perspective, rather than battling for something that was?  

Peace doesn’t mean walking hand-in-hand through a field of daisies with everyone wearing rose coloured glasses and singing Kumbaya.  

Peace is the natural byproduct of that greater Truth, that which fosters understanding. Harmony emerges and grows from an inquiry that leads to knowledge that opens the path towards change. Diversity is the source and soul of a true Unity, and the heart of true power pulses in the willingness to be open, truthful with ourselves and one another.