The Mother of My Heart


A Living Memory of Love

Käthe McNair

Thoughts shared by Lynnclaire Dennis


It will take time to find words with the power to express the impact Käthe McNair’s Love made on every aspect of my life… but for this moment…

Two decades ago she welcomed me into the home she shared with her son Peter and Jytte, his wife. Käthe was never worried about my application for residency in Denmark, telling everyone that she’d legally adopt me if they didn’t, and then they’d have to give me citizenship! The residency was approved.

Six years of morning hugs —before coffee no less— left impressions that cover and warm my soul. Memories of her touch, her words and wisdom have left indelible fingerprints on every centimetre of my heart and brain.

Käthe understood the spiritual nature of this work, and was never intimidated by the science. Realising what we were up to she worked tirelessly to help us birth the work. I have no doubt she’s rearranging chairs in the pantheon Mereon Muses, handing out assignments, and putting the usual suspects on notice, telling them rough down here and everyone needs to put in overtime!