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Abandoned Village in China

An article came up on a feed the other day showing pictures of an abandoned village in China that today is a tourist attraction visitors pay to see. It reminded me of two recent journeys across the Costa del Sol. 

 Alcazaba: The Alhambra, Granada, Spain 

Earlier this week a friend and I travelled to Granada to visit The Alhambra, one of my favourite places on the planet.

From there we drove north to visit the Mezquita (Mosque) Cathedral in Cordoba, another sacred space that leaves me in awe.

Walking in both these amazing places we were acutely aware of Eternity, a lifetime and the present moment. The reason was due to the fact that large portions of these paths were paved with ancient gravestones. Consciously sidestepping these ancient stones came to mind again two days later when my friend Karen, an internationally known professor and anthropologist, and I travelled from Marbella to Cadiz, up to Jerez and down into Doñana National Park.  The inspiration for our adventure was James Cameron’s 2018 documentary, ‘Atlantis Rising’. Walking over acres of land we were conscious of the fact that we were walking over the unmarked graves of our ancestors, those whose final resting place was 13 meters below our feet.

Sitting down to eat our lunch at a concrete picnic table covered with lichen as storks flew overhead, we were reminded that Gaia is a living system.

It is time to remedy our forgetfulness, to consciously recognise her power and acknowledge the fact that She is our life support system.

If we don't we will most surely become just another layer of methane...