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It's heartbreaking to know how many feel disconnected from themselves and others, suffering because they don't know what it feels like to belong. Clearly, their misery is the result of being laid low by one of the existential, global epidemics, loneliness, stress and boredom  among the worst. All are evidence of a sick system, a toxic relationship, lethal family dynamics, or an unhealthy work environment.

I feel so blessed to know I belong in Marbella, feeling the Costa del Sol is the home of my body and Soul.  Those who know me know that travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people is one of my passions. My mom once said she was sure I'd turn over a rock at the end of some road in every country on the planet before I make my final exit. While I've covered a lot of the planet, I don't think it ever occurred to me that not travelling would one day be my greatest joy.  Today this is a true statement, and every cell in my being knows there is nothing normal or noble about normal or feeling ordinary. Feeling and being free to be natural is truly extraordinary.

For this reason, Livia and I have been imagining and planning, and ReNewal is the dream we're bringing to life in our hOMetown, Marbella! Please consider yourself invited to participate, and we appreciate your passing these events on!