Realational Alchemy


How often do you wonder if what you sense about yourself is true?

Do you habitually lose time over-thinking a situation?

Be honest —how much energy do you spend worrying about what someone thinks about you?

How often does your intuition miss the target by a mile?

Has it ever hit the point spot on?

Life is a journey, and walking your path is how you rediscover time and time again what’s true for you in any moment. Every breath is a journey to the Fountain of You, the space where you are free to remember that you are the Living Grail. You are a unique vessel, every cell of your being designed to carry the golden elixir of authenticity.

Today, make time to consciously go inward to taste, sense, feel and think about what is true for you. When you return to your external world let this joy gently flow into every encounter, and experience how what you feel is true is refined, purified, and reformed.

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The gift in every breath is remembering what is true for you.