Hands are for healing.


To the man on a CNN talk show who Monday, 08 January 2108, asserted: 

“Those who have been sexually assaulted should not be called survivors."

Without apology, I am alive to tell you that in this arrogant opinion you are dead wrong. 

Sexual assault is an intentional assassination attempt on the soul.

The wound inflicted by one person’s malice, greed, need to control, and need to be right. Their action severs the arteries of love causing emotional haemorrhaging which I suspect you do not have the courage to even dare to imagine.

Scars left on the body, heart, and spirit are carried through time, and while the pain is timeless it is exceeded by grace.

Survival is about far more than life or death. SURVIVING is living in spite of those who hit and run and hide behind their lies and the trained liars they hire. 

Oprah and others talked about change happening on some elusive ‘That day’. Au contraire.


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By consciously being open, forgiving ourselves, and expressing compassion for one another, we can catch every tear, harnessing the elixir of wisdom until it overflows and we grow.