With the Light

blog halo.jpg

Walking home last week, I was heading east on the north side of Calle de Ricardo Soriano when the final remnant of sunset unexpectedly caught in the upper story windows of a building across the street, and ricocheted in such a way as to illumine this sculpture.

The halo, not the face, was beautiful illumined, and reminded me once again why flowing with the light is how we know we’re growing in love.

If you’re wondering how that is true, think about it…

The cult of personality seeks the limelight…

Narcissism’s fuel is the spotlight…

Those running blindly into such light create fiery messes and neither see nor care that they run others over and leave a scorched earth in their wake.

A simple pirouette reveals the truth. Look at the sun blinds you, yet when its light is behind you your shadow —your best dancing partner— stands tall and elegant before you. Such a turning awakens the unconscious, freeing conscience and consciousness awareness to open the way and usher us into the eternal ’next’, the ever present pending moment.

How would your life change with such a simple turn?