An hour ago I received a private message from someone I don’t know, a coward masquerading as a ‘friend’, hiding behind a moniker that clearly isn’t their name. Feeling it was their right to sit in judgement of me, asserting, “You’ve taken too long. It’s too late. You failed. Someone else should have gotten the job.”

The fact that it came today —an anniversary— makes it feel equally suspicious and auspicious.

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Thirty-one long years ago — decades that feel like hours ago— I crossed the invisible boundary crossing from life to death. What I discovered is complex and simple; death isn't the end. It’s a new beginning. Coming back to this life meant making a promise to ‘Remember, and report the geometry and pattern of connection that I experienced. Not one moment has been easy but I’ve kept that promise, more than once realising that it’s living authentically in this time and world is damn hard. 

Tears, music, laughter and touch are the four universal languages we mere mortals share.

To the person who wrote:

In this moment my tears are the breaking birth waters of wisdom, and I ask them to melt the illusions you hold, knowing a part of me is reflecting something true in you.

In this moment I am intentionally sending waves of energy, loving harmony so you might for one moment feel and know peace.

In this moment I send you light, laughing as I’ve long felt that I may be the punchline in a cosmic joke.

In this moment my heart reaches out to touch your, healing me, healing you. Forgiving me. Remembering you. 

I have kept the Promise and am living my Purpose on purpose and will do so until I go H-OM-E.

Transformation is our destiny, and it’s important to remember that to fly we have to eat our way out of the goo we’ve cocooned ourselves in, and clean ourselves up so we can fly.