Knowledge, Hands and Healing


Imagine discovering new knowledge that ignites a new light in your body and heart, energy that inpowers your soul and lifts the heaviest attitude. Imagine hearing an arc of sound that informed your being and let you reform your feelings so your brain was free to do its job, lift you to a new perspective, higher ground where you could see clearly. What would happen if your intuition/instinct and gut feeling spoke up, advising you on how to untangle twisted attitudes and open the Flow? What if your sense of timing was able to harmonise with that which really matters to you, and you actually felt your life begin to synchronise?  Might you begin to feel your inner wounds heal?

Are you ready to write your life story?

Healing is the ultimate inside out experience.

The only question is do you have courage to harness the will and actually do what needs to be done in a way that is responsive and responsible?

You can heal. You are your healer and you are your Cure.