The Formula for Healing


The assault on the soul inflicted by verbal, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual abuse has finally been lanced. This Truth telling is long overdue, and perhaps now that this festering wound is opened and draining, while the stories are sickening, a healing can begin. It is time to speak and call perpetrators to justice. It is time for this fast flowing river of moral fire that is illumining our hearts to lift all fear. Only applied wisdom has the power to restore the fragile hope that humanity can move forward towards an ethical correction, providing remedies for a litany of inhuman behaviour. 

Autumn is a prime season for reflection as Mother Nature lays herself bare and spins down to hibernate through this cycle. Last week, this was echoed as a friend shared his pain in the struggle to heal following the loss of his ’soulmate’ in a divorce.  As he expressed his frustration in attempting to ‘let go’, I realised once again how these five letters —‘Let go’— are wrapped around a grand existential lie that most of us have been force fed  as something true about emotional ‘closure’. Worse is that nine times out of ten this curse is served on someone’s silver platitude platter, beside the unholy bitter pill we’re forced to swallow etched with the words, ‘Forgive and forget.’

If you’re sick and tired of suffering… If you’re tired of living in doubt… If depression is smothering you with the fear of not being good enough, remember…

We are all soul mates. Everyone and everything was seeded and gestated in a singular Cosmic Womb, coming into existence through a grand sprinkling of starstuff.

To heal your body and spirit embrace ‘openness’, realising that ‘closure’ is impossible in a system that breathes. 

Consciously decide to “Let grow’, even when it means growing on alone. Give the lie ‘Letting go’ back to the one who gave it to you and your heart begins to heal.  

The most powerful soap for your soul is self-forgiveness. Use it and the perennial seeds of Love blossom again.

“Forgive and forget" is an epic lie. Recognise this and your attitudes begin to transform.  When it comes to those who inflicted the wounds, ‘Forgive and remember” so you don’t have to repeat this pattern again.

Enough is enough. 

It’s time to check every belief, and see how many are inventions made up by someone who wanted or needed to be in control or be right. The acid test is to determine their relationship to GUILT

When someone you love harnesses the raw courage it takes to speak the truth about abuse, the easiest thing you can do is believe them. 

Self-forgiveness + Openness + Acceptance + Remembering = The Remedy for doubt, despair and depression