Frying Pan to Passion

Dan Carlson, Photographer

The quality of your life today is the consequence of the decisions you’ve made up to this point. No doubt you’re as aware as I am about just how quickly bliss brought about by a few consecutive great choices comes tumbling down with one ill-thought decision. And yes, of course there are moments when we have to instantly respond to dire or ’life or death’ situations, but someone getting what they want, having their way, or pressuring you into a snap reaction aren’t of such ilk.   

Your lifetime is yours. Invest each moment wisely, realising that buying into lies —your own or someone else’s— is you choosing to underwrite schemes that have zero chance of success, such ‘opportunities’ neither offering a return of your time, nor a penny of benefit —never mind profit.

Truth is realised in the presence of coherence. When you intentionally harness the willingness to act the ‘Divine’ resonates and agrees to participate in the work of regeneration.