The Story of Unity

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What is the Mereon Matrix and this work —truly HIGH PLAY— all about? 

From my perspective…

  • It’s about how modern science has opened a new understanding of dynamic whole systems. 
  • It’s an understanding of how modernity is rooted in ancient wisdom. 
  • It’s a newly remembered knowledge that’s been long forgotten, and
  • It’s a logic that makes it clear why Love is the ultimate connection between nothing, everything, and everyone. 

Let me offer a simple scientific proof, one you can easily identify with and verify: 

I need look no farther than my family of origin for evidence that demonstrates how Love connects biological facts with ancient wisdom, specifically the truth shared by Seneca who said, “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.” My mom and dad produced five kids over a 12-year period, yet even though we arrived in the same way, it was clear early on that we all came from different planets. What’s more, if you were to interview us today, you’d discover we lived in a galaxy far far away from each other, raised by different parents, and growing up with different siblings. If this isn’t certifiable evidence of how a true and loving unity can only produce an ever deepening pool of diversity, I don’t know what is.

Unity —as tangled as it becomes and even when it comes untied— only produces one thing; diversity.  

The Day enough ‘me’s’ decide to honour our diversity and celebrate our unity, we change the world we share. 

Your thoughts?