hOMe in the Universe


To anyone who has the courage to read this post in its entirety; I’d love to hear from you. Why? Because — from my perspective — it is time to stop deliberating and come together to figure out what needs to be done to liberate ourselves and then cooperate and do it.

For thirty-one very long years, I’ve asserted that the Pattern, the Knot at the heart of my Purpose, what we know today as the Mereon Matrix, is Love. Over the years I’ve written about why this is logical and true. Today, it seems some who've heard me say this have forgotten, while perhaps others have simply misunderstood.  For these reasons and more, I'm making and taking time to once again remove the rose-colored glasses and velvet gloves some seem to think I wear, clarifying why — for me — This Knot is Love.  There is no Pollyannaish optimism in the logic of Love I speak about. It is founded on the truth about how everything is connected. It transcends the empty rhetoric too many use to disconnect us from ourselves and others. It is inclusive, a truth long ignored by bullies who shout dogma while pounding the bully pulpits they use as shields to hide behind.

How much of what we say about love is cloying, sappy, and sanguine? I’m sick of hearing someone say, “I love chocolate’, with more passion than they say ‘I love you’. What does it mean to say “I love that movie’. Personally, what's worse is to hear someone say they’re ‘dying’ to do somethinging or go somewhere.   


My commitment to the Knowledge of Love is sure and steady. However, the fragile hope, positive attitudes, and Leibniz optimism, the notion that our world is great, and good will prevail over evil, is jaded and fading even as I am bathed in pure grace as the words and actions of friends speak to the veracity of a Love that is Divine. Seldom do I hear the echo of this knowledge in the media, or see it demonstrated in human behaviour. The taproot of the knowledge I shall continue to call LOVE was seeded in the fertile loam of an experience, death, that cannot and will not be denied. Death is a simple energetic transition. It is a moment of grace and awe even though it is hard for those who remain. But this I know: coming back and staying isn’t simple or easy. The only reason I do so is that an unforgettable harmony was seeded in my soul. Why I continue is because the truth of love turned the key and is continually revealed in the solid core values, morality and ethics found in the heart of ancient wisdom traditions the world over. My presence today is due to this and the fact that there are people with the courage to work to understand and illumine how this connection is found in the deep pragmatism of hard sciences, natural and social.

Two nights ago a friend and I were sitting on the beach after sunset in the soft glow of a half moon. As the sky deepened, our place on planet Earth became clear as Mercury left his post and Venus and Mars rose to stand guard in the heavens. Had we stayed long enough, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus would have appeared, climbing through the night sky over the Mediterranean. Even Neptune would have been revealed before Mother Earth rolled over to greet the Sun. Walking home as twinkling stars began to appear, the stage was set for the dreaming as I watched Venus drop behind the western mountains.

Our tenure on this planet is exceedingly short. Everyday gratitude fills my soul for the miracle of life and the opportunity to call this amazing place home. However, paradox rules, and it sometimes feels as if I am drowning in a flood of dismay every time I forget and turn on the news. We, the human family, are miserably failing to care for ourselves and one another. Even as Gaia continues to provide the essentials for our lives, it is incomprehensible how our greed makes it harder for her to support us.

For two weeks I’ve watched Kilauea expand the Big Island. Every day the earthquakes that shake the island I called home for many years, rattle, rumble and roll the cells in my being, an arc of energy 13,014 kilometers long still tethering my soul to that place. It feels like Pele —the Goddess of Fire— is Gaia’s High Commissioner, charged with issuing a message to humanity who keeps acting out, endless tragedy’s and drama playing out, directed by soulless, supposed leaders who appear to be out of their minds.  

In 1999, Dr. Saul-Paul Sirag stating his feelings about the Mereon matrix, questioning if this was knowledge we deserved. Transcending information this matrix shows us how change occurs. Are we worthy of our Home? Do we deserve it? What will it take for us to do so? Will we dare to harness wind, the waves, the tides and gravity that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said we must before we can ever understand and use the Love that he called Fire?

I keep showing up, living inside out and speaking up even though I admit that the jury —my body, heart, brain, intuition, and spirit— is still out.