The Tides and Time


Spending time on the sea in Scotland, hours in deep dialogue with friends and colleagues, is always a joyous experience.

The dramatic tides on the edge of the North Sea and the Firth provide constant reminders of the divine nature of Time, and our human sense of timing. What fuels my soul and spirit today is the awareness that the hour of transformation is upon us. As unconscionable words, actions, and reactions send the world spinning ever deeper into the shadow, it is time to arise from the silence and speak love into the world, allowing our light to illumine all creation.

In light of eternity what will you do today that truly matters?

May we remember that how we love is what builds a noble legacy that has the strength to endure.

The stone path from our conference site into town is only crossable at low tideā€¦ and even then is treacherous in the wrong shoes :D