During my morning meditation, thoughts unexpectedly appeared that led to asking myself a myriad of questions, each revolving around pain.  Being aware of them was one thing, but answering them was another. Doing so required courage, being willing to think about suffering without emoting, or thinking these emergent 'Thoughts' to death.

Turning inward was again the catalyst that led to standing up and pulling out a canvas, painting my way to 'doing' to evolve a Thought without thinking it to death. For two decades painting has been a way to work out my inner process, a dilettante's way to find the rainbow that both unites and bridges what the fight between black and white, the battle between emotional light or dark. A canvas is a means to find my way between something and nothing to determine how it is related to the Pattern, the (K)nothing. Doing intuitive and spiritual braille, I am continuously reminded of the Cycle of life, that dying --which gave me a Purpose and brings meaning to my life-- is the Dance of Time, the bridge between death and life and rebirth.

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Evolving over the last two years, I have many photographs of this canvas, each offering a temporal reflection of how process sometimes feels and even like progress. Still far from finished, today's contemplation has been a long experience of mindful bliss, an act of contemplation that led through a deep wondering that gave rise to an acronym for 'suffering'. As it unfolded, I realised again how pain is an opportunity to focus, and why PAINting is such a powerful way for me to experience inner meaning, expressing it in a way that I understand it to relate to my Purpose and living on purpose, hoping that the colours if not the form, will be meaningful to another. Or not.

Self.Understanding.Feeling.Forgiveness.Experience. Respect.Inclusive.Natural.Gratitude.

How do you transform pain?