Divine ARChitecture & the Art of Becoming Human

One of my passions is exploring geometry in ancient sacred sites, looking for remnants of the matrix known as Mereon. I find them in the Neolithic stones of Brittany, Avebury, and Stone Henge and inside the cathedrals of St. Denis, Notre-Dame, Chartres. Among my favourites are the Venetian marvel of San Marco, the round ‘churches’ on the Baltic island of Bornholm, and the Parisian Gothic jewel of Sainte-Chapelle. But it is in the Alhambra where I sense the fullness of what is, most certainly, a universal inheritance. 

The arcing energy within you, its fragrance, sound, and light, weaves a rich tapestry, and choosing to use this knowledge lets you create the fine art of your humanity. Every day awareness is renewed leading me deeper into understanding how gratitude fosters grace. Genuine appreciation for a single breath has the power to return me to myself, my soul forever found in the deep and infinite space where Love regenerates peace.

We are reflections of Love's beauty. Inner peace is our inheritance, a gift we must reclaim for ourselves.