Are you ready to live authentically?

Would you like to learn to consciously self-organise so you can grow with the flow?  

Are you ready to generate conscious cooperation and experience transformation that reflects the wholly reunion of Logos and Sophia, Word and Wisdom?

Discovering Your Youniverse let’s you define your path on the Love Knot, discovering how to walk the path that connects all that is. Using the logic at the heart of the Mereon Matrix, understanding how the divine moves through your feelings and attitudes. Revealing new understanding about the Source, this knowledge inspires imagination and innovation, a life-changing method we can use to heal our lives, our relationships, and civilisation.

By understanding the fusion of your body and heart; comprehending how thinking and intuition are linked with time and spirit,  in our coming together we can consciously reconnect our local realities and transform the global reality we share.

It’s Time.

Discover Your Youniverse and meet US in Sedona!