The Influential  Educational Leaders Award

It is our joy to announce that Dr. Alessio Morassut, Emeritus Superintendent of Elementary Schools in Mirano, Italy has been awarded The Influential Educational Leaders Award, nominated for his wisdom in recognising the potential and power of BELONGING, and having the courage to implement this programme in his schools.

Emeritus superintendent of elementary schools in Mirano, Italy, Alessio didn’t go into the field of education for money, fame or prestige. He was called. No matter how bad things got, abandoning his Purpose was never an option. As a superintendent, his motto was ‘Non scholae, sed vitae discimus!’; ‘Not for school, but for life we learn!’  His personal mandate was to help teachers and kids transcend curriculum, this making him a true social architect. Alessio's lifetime of labour has been one of love,  a role model who showed why it takes courage to pay attention to inner knowing, and why one who leads must acknowledge and respect that quality in another.

New opportunities to develop the school, and encourage both teachers and students took him outside of the box, knowing it was urgent to eradicate fear in every form.  As director he didn’t suppress his hearts, nor did he ignore what his teachers, students and parents said. He struggled between the duelling mandates of parent and administration, knowing his task was to help his daughter and all students build themselves into healthy adults.

In July 2003, Alessio made the decision to be the first in the world to implement BeLonging.Life, scheduling the course, ’EduCaring Teachers First’ for his eight ELS teachers,  an experience that focuses on the individual, recognising that ‘teacher’ is only one of many hats they wear.

Alessio will be with the team at the the ISL conference at Cambridge University when the award is presented on September 23rd.  

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