Change as Transformation


Humans share 50% of our DNA with a banana. If you're a parent, your kids have 99.5% of your DNA, only 1.5% more than a chimpanzee. Similarly, we share 97% of our DNA with a butterfly, this far more interesting to consider when thinking about the fact that it started out as a caterpillar. 

We are like butterflies. Our life course is to meander on the earth to figure out who we are and then determine where we belong. Our destiny isn't to take flying lessons, it's to grow, evolve and one day open --like a butterfly-- soar. 

Sadly, some who know we're meant to be butterflies make a bang and a buck by supposedly teaching people how to accelerate that process rather than facilitating how they can open their awareness and make true progress without getting stuck.

Too many are willing to do just about anything to avoid time in the 'dark', unaware of the joy of being embraced by transformation. They will pay someone to end their time in the cocoon, selling whatever they have and sometimes their soul to come up with enough to buy a pair butterfly ‘wings’. 

How many people do you know who have followed an instructor’s directions' to a ‘T’, sitting in tears while they superglue, tape or staple wings onto their all too ‘heavy’ bodies?  

How often are you blinded by the bright lights of someone's ‘celebrity’, willingly led to the nearest edge where they tell you to jump or push you over the brink?

How many times do we whine and wonder why on earth our being -- body, mind,  heart, and spirit-- feels like a mushed up gooey pile of pulp at the bottom of the proverbial cliff? 

Not only did their bogus wings crumple and fold, no one strapped on an emergency parachute in case they failed. And I've yet to hear from someone that a magic carpet appeared and rescued them.   

This work-- and yes, whle it is work, is joyous, simple, and fun, and is all about ending fool hearty leaps of faith. Its learning and understanding that as beautiful as hope may be, only by making the journey inward can we discover that it is our responsibility to use new knowledge to grow into authenticity. 

You are worthy. You deserve. When you realise you deserve, and open to receive, your joyous service transforms your life, your relatinsships, and yes, the world.