Transformation Trauma


From my perspective the human family is undergoing a karmic healing. One can only hope this is the path towards Transformation. The memory, and stories of physical abuse hurt. The emotional thunder is deafening. The deluge of tears as grief overflows makes me feel like I’m drowning. Exhausted from dog paddling through this flood, every day the number of new stories shocks me to my core. In this season of joy and light it’s a struggle to keep my inner world, my Purpose and my relationships connected. As truth illumines the tattered state of what many thought was a strong infrastructure, I continue knowing that we have the knowledge critical to rebuilding. At the end of the day the sunset lets me surrender, while the sunrise reconstitutes my dreams and renews my commitment.

Keeping on keeping on, my breath rides beside sheer intent as I strive to remember that self-care, gentleness, and compassion are essential —not optional— to survive what already feels like an epoch of moral angst. I am so grateful for my friends, for knowing and experiencing that I am not alone.

You are not alone.

Together we are enough. 

May we continue to grow in the light of Love, knowing that Truth has the power to heal if we have the courage, willingness and wisdom to allow it to do so.