Waking up this morning a litany of thoughts were sparking inside my heart and brain. After coffee, here’s what poured out…

Equal doesn’t mean identical. 

A ‘match’ doesn’t mean ‘same’. 

Twins make different choices.

Walk in my shoes & you’re likely to get blisters. 

Look through my eyes & you’re probably going to get a headache.

You can touch my goosebumps but you can’t feel what I feel.

Look at the rainbow I spot & you still only see yours.

You are who you are.

You are incomparable.

You can’t be me.

Why would you want to be me?

I can’t be you.

I don’t want to.

Being ‘like-minded’ is an emotional death sentence.

Being open-minded pulses the heart of curiosity.

Self-knowing is essential to live in the Unknown.

Walking together is a lifelong lesson in perspective.

The spirit of INquiry generates the starstuff of dreams. 

What WE can become by honouring our uniqueness is miraculous. By cooperating, each with our district competences, what we can grow will feed the body, heart and mind and spirit of the planet and all life. If we have the courage to celebrate the Unity that is present only because of our Diversity, we will find ourselves living a Dream that exceeds all dreaming.