Arcing Energy & Ancient ARChitects

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” —Epictetus

These words formed the foundation that's long kept me stable as the knowledge of the Mereon Matrix has continued to unfold and open. I’ve learned why being ‘childlike’ is the soul of curiosity, and have seen —all too often— how childish behaviour is the hallmark of ignorance, a badge worn by those who suffer fools, or wilfully choose to ignore the facts. Living on Purpose is being present in the moment, aware that we are one breath from the ever-present, pending future. Life is too short —and too long— to live old stories, and worse, to keep secrets that make you sick from feeling forced to live a lie.  

Stillness is full to overflowing, and when we dare to enter the silence with an open heart we invite the inaudible to flow through us, and the invisible to touch us. This is what Resonant Passages are all about.

In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing Mereon’s eternal sonic journey, ThetaMark’s arcing energy an experience that opens the fractal layers of your heart, lifting to illumine your brain, connecting your intuition and spirit in Time. Connect to let us know you’d like to be informed when this powerful sonic tonic is available.