Love Arcing Over Fear

Death is an existential fear that far too many waste too much of their lifetime worrying about or fearing.

AUMNIOSIS, Lynnclaire Dennis, 2005

Science has given us a new knowledge of how life eternally forms, reforms, and transforms. This universal template reveals how everything is connected, and most importantly, lets you revision why and how you are living your life. Your body, heart and soul are seamlessly connected with the Source of life, this true unity realised through an archetypal, interacting series of five identical and unique Trefoil knot(s), a Pattern that was unknown to mathematics until 1994. 

Are you ready to link your body, heart, brain and spirit? Are you willing to self-inform, self-form and reform authenticity by honouring and celebrating all that makes you Whole? 

If you’re ready to turn on YOUR light in a fast dimming world, join us to find and plant seeds of possibilities so we can watch them grow into new Potential that benefits one and all. Doing so brings to you the point of potential where you can plant and grow meaningful relationships that are sustainable because they are free to evolve while growing in the flow. 

Please pass this invitation on, and join us in Sedona! And if you’re unable to be with us in body, please let us know you’re with us in the KNOT and spirit!