Breathing Thorough Choices

Your physical health, your emotional well being, and your attitudes and intuition are all interconnected through time. These five realities are intentionally formed to help you attune and harmonise with your spirit, the piece of you who vouchsafes that words and actions are correct. This piece of self is your guardian, insuring that your interconnection and interaction in relationships and your world co-create harmony. When one of your realities goes sideways and leads to a reaction, confusion and chaos ensue. 

Deciding is like breathing. An unfolding process, you open and ‘inhale’ to consider an option; you then close to contemplate each reality, determining if it will produce measurable meaning, and bring joy to your life.  When you’ve arrived at a decision, and appropriately negotiated if necessary, you open again, and exhale, offering your response. 

Imagine your seamless connection as a rainbow.  Born of your watery worlds —physical and emotional— and the light of your passion and values, it weaves between your inner realities, each arc contributes a unique colour that forms a whole. 

What colour is your physical reality today?