Everything and Nothing

In the past days, weeks and months so many friends have crossed from life to their ‘next’, and even more celebrating life as they prepare to transition with grace. As they've begun or ready for their adventure, I remember our times together and am reminded to savour every precious moment of whatever time remains in my lifetime.  

I have to admit that preparing this website and getting ready to move this work into the world in a new way, personally sharing with anyone who wants to hear, is the hardest thing I’ve done in 30 years.  I’m just a messenger, and while I’m willing to be silent, speak, embrace and love with all my heart, like you, being human I’ve taken detours and made wrong turns off my path.   It sometimes feels like these decades have been spent in repeating 10,000 lifetimes of lessons, passing them in order to keep my promise to remember and making this knowledge an experience we can truly share. The lessons have hard, and the fact that I’m alive is evidence of grace because although I wear many emotional, mental, and spiritual ‘scars’, never mind the laugh lines, and crevices carved by decades of tears, I’ve passed. It’s time to share this message, so we can grow and experience the Unity that makes us who we are so we can become all we’re meant to be.  

Your next breath is a promissory not that is not to be confused with a promise. Savour its sweetness.