Emotion’s Shore

Obviously, both your brain and heart are important to physical health and well being. But have you ever stopped to think about why someone who’s pronounced ‘braindead’ continues to live? While your brain is critical to living a qualitative and meaningful life, it’s not the driver. Thinking about this in terms of relationships —first to yourself and then to all others— the connection between your physical health, your sense of emotional wellbeing, and your attitudes is inescapable. How often has your trust in another been broken? What happens when an agreement shatters? What happens when respect begins to dry up? 

In the face of such failure, willingness slows and when acceptance skids to a halt someone is going to be left with skid marks on their heart. When the desire for understanding stops flowing a relationship enters its ending. While there can be a new beginning, such renewal requires an immediate and mutually agreed upon remedy for an ending to become a mending. It takes the transformation of emotions and attitudes for a relationship to heal,  grow and thrive once again. 

So if you’re in an ending or mending, maybe it’s time to ask how far the demand to be right takes you… maybe it’s time to see what you lose when the need to win makes you insist on being in charge… and it’s always good to look in the rear view mirror to see what was really accomplished when others were deluded into thinking you were in control. In a relationship when anything becomes more important than what brought you together in the first place, that which is essential for sharing a life, love and purpose begins to die.

Loving is being willing to be vulnerable and ask for help.