Transcending Humpty Dumpty

While “All the ‘King’s Horses and all the King’s men” don’t know how to put the pieces together again, our Cosmic Parents do.

in search of the rainbow.png

Watching as so many aspects of our lives break down, my hope and faith rests in the truth that breakthroughs are more than possible. Even as people, processes and systems fall apart, your DNA matches the knowledge we now have of how every piece fits and is a whole part of a larger Whole. We have the knowledge of how to heal. 

You can mend your heart. You can heal your relationships. We can heal our communities, and in doing so, Gaia can begin to heal herself.  

Golden light paves the path of the rainbow you see in the stormy sky. Face it and remember that it is a reminder to look within, the place where love is wrapped in radical trust.