Between right and wrong


Almost daily I’m reminded why it’s time to put away the emotional pliers, mental screwdrivers and tools we use to twist, manipulate, pinch and cut, thinking they build us up or help us support those we care for. 

‘My way is right. Yours is wrong.’ is the mantra of one who attitudes and beliefs are fixed, their brain closed, their heart locked up tight.  

When such an individual hurls their static dogma at you, maligning your heart, and judging your spirit ‘false’, and dares to say their vitriol is ‘love’, breathe. Don’t attempt to justify, rationalise, or spiritualise who you are, your experience, or your point of view.

Walk on, free to welcome and embrace those who are willing to walk side-by-side, consciously cultivating the perspective necessary to build the understanding necessary to appreciate the diversity in your unity.

'Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.’  Rumi