Conform or Self-form?


The gift of life comes with a grand opportunity —to live a life where meaning is self-formed and emergent.  

The journey towards authenticity is the clearest path towards progress.

It is a road you pave yourself.

How often do you choose ignorance, making a decision to ignore what you feel or know?

Is being ‘uniformed’ a noble choice?

Why do you conform, allowing others to mould your body, heart, attitudes or spirit into what they want or need you to be?

How often do you surrender your space and let others waste your time?

How far do you grow by conforming, going along to get along?

What will it take for you to decide to take some time to go inside?

What would change if you turned on the lights and were free to see —and be— who you truly are?

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Let your world see your nobility today as you live from inside out.