A Lunar Perspective of Soular Truth

The total solar eclipse that crossed the Big Island of Hawaii in 1991 was my first, and seeing it guaranteed it wouldn’t be my last. Guaranteed that many years later there are stories well worthy of sharing from that day, as well as the 2001 TSE viewed from Mt. Darwin, Zimbabwe, and many lunar eclipses!

However,  this post is a reflection on  the recent lunar eclipse that coincided with the super blue moon. Let me share why it was —and remains— a powerful reminder of the power of perspective.


First, imagine you’re standing on the moon, feeling chilly and cool as Earth’s deep shadow wraps around you. Next, picture a gold needle in one hand, and with the other thread it with a strand of light. Both the needle and the light have the power to penetrate anything, going as far as you dare to send them.  Now, pick a point and imagine that you can aim with absolute precision and send your needle straight through center of the moon —going in where you put it, and coming out the other. 

Why this matters to me is far more than astronomical trivia. It’s actually a source of logic that lets me choose life, and continue to love and love again.

What you could learn from imagining standing on the moon in the Earth’s shadow…

First, if you could thread your needle through and through, given a little time you’d be able to figure out that the shadow casted by the Earth is close to three-times the diameter of the moon, the distance your needle carried that light to the other side. You’d also be able to figure out how far you are from home.

These simple lunar facts remind me of many emotional truths and a few facts. 1) I’m not on the moon; 2) I’m not from Venus either. I landed here, and for now am content to remain quite earthbound; and 3) wherever I stand on Earth today, whatever I’m looking back on is actually something I’ve passed. Yes, there is some truth in the truism that ‘time and distance help us heal’, but what is also too often true is that our pain comes from the existential fountain of fear. Wishing, regretting, shaming, and blaming gush from this fire hydrant, attitudes that swamp us in tears.

Do you ever feel that Earth isn’t ‘Home’? Do you wonder if this is a place you will ever know what it feels like to belong? I do. But thankfully, Love’s truth illumines the dark and the monsters flee when I breath and remember who I am, where I am and what I’m up to.

I am light that has been released and free, I am travelling the light as I wend my way home. While it’s raining outside my inner world is bright and warm, wrapped in a shawl of gratitude.

What fills my to overflowing is the awareness that ‘what was’ merely passed through my life, and only the remnants I choose to carry live with me in this ever changing but always sacred space.

This day I am celebrating my stardust and what it is to be whole. I am Mother Earth, and  my pain is my moon. Both are whole but time and distance heal my heart, reducing the size of my pain to a manageable 3/4 size memory.  

P.S. One of my heroes, the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, used eclipses to make the point that we lived on a sphere.

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