Rocking Away My Pain

rocking away my pain.jpg

Many years ago a friend and I were meandering through Sausalito, California, and upon entering a small shop filled with exquisite whimsey, a poem suddenly emerged into full awareness as I caught sight of the most elegant carousel horse. For some inexplicable reason, these thoughts have never been far from conscious awareness, and reading the ‘far from good news’ this morning, tears began to flow, pulling up the following threads from the abyss…

 “It was the 4th of July, in a fine store by the Bay,

When a carousel horse was seen galloping our way…

What I would have given to grasp hold of his silk reins,

And ride high on his saddle, rocking away all my pain…”

It still feels significant that it was Independence Day, and even now while celebrating my inner-dependence, the greatest rejoicing is in my inter-connection with all that Is, the unbreakable Bond of Love bonding my body, heart, and spirit without ever binding.

Today is filled with opportunities to listen and truly hear, making conscious decisions while striving for understanding and acceptance that leads to responsive words and wise actions.

P.S. To those who say, “Don’t read the news.”… While I respect your opinion, its important that I honour my personal realisation, knowing that for me to best make a positive difference in the world, I need to know what someone wants me to believe is going on.